Welcome to Fast Foundations Community

An online community built to serve the members and future members of the Fast Foundations Program

What is the Fast Foundations Community?

Fast Foundations Community is our Private Mighty Network exclusively for our Fast Foundations Mastermind members and future members.

For years, we poured time and resources into growing our businesses, while battling failure over and over again. It all changed when we found a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and industry leaders to mentor us.

Now YOU can now tap into our knowledge and network of experts, joining us in live events, group calls, and coaching sessions while having access to curated selection of our best business resources and trainings. And the best part is, you won’t do it alone. You’ll be surrounded by a selective group of 50 entrepreneurs who are committed to the process and eager to learn.

Know what is even better? It's all inside this community! At your finger tips, on your phone, you can connect with us and your group instantly right here!

Are you ready to…

  • See REAL results in as little as 30 days? 
  • Experience true accountability and mentorship?
  • Be challenged, encouraged, and mentored on a daily basis?

Originally created by multi 7-figure entrepreneur Chris Harder, the Fast Foundations Mastermind is the perfect solution to scale your business and jumpstart your entrepreneurial growth.

We cannot wait to see you inside this amazing community!

- R.T. Custer & Jim Carter III